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What Is Residential Well Drilling and Why Are We the Best Option

Residential Well Drilling is simply providing a safe reliable water supply to someones personal property

The Residential Water Well Drilling Process

​STEP 1:

IDENTIFY THE USES you will have for the water. This needs to include current and future purposes. This allows for the driller to determine what size well to drill (depth & width), the estimated gallons per minute needed, the kind of pumping system required, and the best-recommended location for the intended purpose.


​STEP 2:

PINPOINT WELL LOCATION: Determine the best placement for the well and pumping system based on well use.


​STEP 3:

START DRILLING: This process starts with drilling a hole down into the ground. There are multiple ways to accomplish a borehole. Our equipment consists of a large hydraulic drill and mud slayer. Water is pumped into the hole as the drill bit breaks through the rock, dirt, sand, and other ground material. The reason water is used is to keep the bit cool and allows all the debris to be pumped to the surface. 


​STEP 3:

CASING INSTALLATION: Once the well reaches the groundwater supply, the plastic PVC casing is installed. This casing prevents any debris from caving into the well and cutting off the water supply. 


PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT: After the casing is installed it will be washed with clean water to flush out any fluids produced from the drilling process. Compressed air is then forced down the well casing to start pushing water out to the surface. The air pushes the water out until the well water is completely clean of mud and the production is maximized. Now you have the well producing clean natural groundwater. 


PUMPING SYSTEM INSTALLATION: Now that you have clean water you need to install the submersible pump that will suck the water up to the surface. Your pump type & horsepower is determined by how many gallons per minute you will actually need. Most of the residential wells we install come equipped with a pressure tank. The pressure tank contains a supply of water and air that helps the pump to only run as water is used. 


WATER QUALITY TEST & TREATMENT/WELL COMPLETION: Now that you have a fully functioning water well we will perform a water quality test to check for any harmful bacteria. All wells are then treated to ensure a safe clean water source.

You now have a fully functioning residential water well!


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Private Residential Water Well
Water Well Texas

Why is Texas Southern Drilling the best option?

When you are shopping for a Residential Water Well you need to have ONE major focus.

That #1 major focus is finding the best water well drilling company on the market. (Luckily you're in the right place)

Choosing the RIGHT option will provide you with years worth of clean water supply.

Choosing the WRONG option, you will waste countless dollars, undergo loads of stress and headaches, and potentially  affect the health of your livestock, family, friends, and crops.

That's why we are in business... to provide the RIGHT choice for your well drilling needs.

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