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3 Things to Know if You've Never Had A Water Well.

Are you ready to purchase your dream property in the country? Part of that dream may mean

that you are the proud owners (or will be) of a water well system. Don’t worry that doesn’t

need to be a scary thing! Here a few things to know if you have never had a well.


#1 How does this all work?

Ok, you bought a property and want to start building your life there. So how does this work?

First, you need to make sure that you hire a reputable company with the proper

certifications. Proper construction is crucial to operating and maintaining a well. A well has many components which include the casing, the pump, the cap, and the pressure tank. The casing is the tubing that forms the structure of the well going into the ground. The well pump works to bring the water up from the ground and to the pipes going to the

home. The cap sits on top of the well casing to create a seal and barrier to the outside elements. This keeps things like bugs, dirt, and bacteria from falling into the well water. Water from the well flows into the pressure tank.The pressure tank is then able to monitor

pressure levels and the pump switches on and off as needed.


#2 What now?

Now that you have a working well, you will need to make sure you keep the area clean and

clear of any chemicals or debris. Make sure that your well cap is kept clean and check it often for damage. Cracks or other damage to the well cap may cause things to be able to get into your well system. That includes critters, bugs, bacteria, and other contaminants. You will need to schedule yearly maintenance and water safety checks for your well to make sure no

contaminants have entered your water system and that there are no mechanical issues. It is

important that you hire professionals to do this.


#3 How does that well water taste?

Most water well systems will give you clean, fresh tasting water.

If you find that your well water is hard (with a high mineral content), you may need to install a water softener. This can also help to avoid mineral build up and hard water stains in your sink, toilet or shower. A softener can be easier on your appliances and healthier for your skin and hair. You can also install a filter under

the sink or on the countertop if your well water doesn’t taste exactly like you were hoping.



Owning a well does not need to be an overwhelming or anxiety-causing thing. You are getting safe, fresh water without a monthly bill! Keeping up with yearly testing and maintenance on a well will keep your system working well and prevent costly repairs down the road. Contact Texas Southern Drilling if you need a well drilled, for yearly maintenance or concerns, or just for a consultation.

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